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Aug 29th
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Magazine Review Steve Hickman; Agapanthus and Tulbaghia

Steve Hickman; Agapanthus and Tulbaghia

Agapanthus EnigmaOn Tuesday, 8 March the Garden Club welcomed Steve Hickman who has the Hoyland Plant Centre in south Yorkshire. For 25 years he had been supplying young plants of shrubs, grasses, perennials, conifers and grasses to the wholesale trade. Nine years ago he was given two beautiful Agapanthus plants and was so taken with them that he has been devoted to the cultivation and propagation of them ever since, and this is what he came to talk about. He has the National Collection of  Agapanthus and Tulbaghia and goes to shows throughout the year beginning with the Westminster Flower Show and ending in October in France at Courson. Tulbaghia look quite similar to Agapanthus but flower for longer and are smaller.

These plants both need well-drained compost, a mixture of 2 parts grit to 1 part compost. They need a high potash feed once a month  from March to mid September and then no water from November until early March. Their roots need to be restricted and they should be protected from frost. Steve gave advice on propagation, and demonstrated with plants that he had brought. He dealt with the many questions from a very interested audience as he went along.

Agapanthus are very popular with the Garden Club as was evidenced by the rapid sale of the plants that Steve had brought with him.

The next meeting of the Club will be on Tuesday, April 12th when Bob Brown,  of Cotswold Garden Plants, will speak on what's wrong with plants.


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