Ticknall Life, Derbyshire

Aug 29th
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Magazine Review Garden Club Dinner

Garden Club Dinner

More than 50 people attended the Ticknall Garden Club Annual Dinner which was held in the restaurant at Calke Abbey on 29 March 2011.

Stuart Allcock, who is the General Manager at Calke, spoke after the dinner. He talked about the aim at Calke which is not to present a polished house and garden but to reflect its state in the early to mid 20th century, slightly crumbling with weeds- something which surprises many of the 260,000 visitors who come each year. The estate comprises 2300 acres with 4 holiday cottages,20 properties to let and 6 farms.

Stuart  has been at Calke for 10 years now and is very much enjoying his interesting job as his audience enjoyed the talk.


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