Ticknall Life, Derbyshire

Aug 30th
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Magazine Review Making a Vegetable Garden

Making a Vegetable Garden

Making a Vegetable Garden. My personal odyssey. This was what Tim Burkinshaw came to speak to the Ticknall Garden Club about at the meeting on Tuesday 14th February.

He first described  his own small garden which he managed to extend with two areas purchased from his neighbours. He created three vegetable plots with narrow paths running in north-south alignment. The paths were made from concrete harvested from under the original lawn.

Tim said that crop rotation is very important. Most of his vegetables are grown from seed, varieties being chosen in consideration of his clay soil and situation in a frost pocket. Triumphs are repeated and failures quickly abandoned. A most valuable suggestion was to keep a garden diary with a detailed record of activity. This is a great help when planning ahead and he has a work schedule on an Excel spreadsheet.

Pests were mentioned; also examples of companion planting. He is especially pleased with  increased yields after planting and digging in alfalfa as a green manure.

The evening was best summed up by the Chairman, Mrs. Margaret West in her vote of thanks: “I didn't realise that growing vegetables could be so amusing.”

The next meeting of the Garden Club will be on 13th March when the Club will 'Spring into Summer' with Justin Plants. Village Hall 7.30pm. Visitors £3.00 members £1.00


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