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Aug 28th
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Village Village Birds in the Ticknall area

Birds in the Ticknall area

The latest atlas surveys indicate that barn owls have increased strongly in the Ticknall areaBirdwatchers across Britain and Ireland have been recording breeding and wintering birds over the last three years for the national bird atlas. All of the areas around Ticknall have now been surveyed. I have included below a list of the birds recorded within about 5 km of Ticknall.

There is still one year of the atlas to go, so I would be very interested to hear of any birds seen which are not on this list. Over the next year, we hope to fill in some of the gaps, and some species are almost certainly more widespread than we have recorded so far. In particular, I would be keen to know where you have seen or heard any species of owl, grey (English) partridges, nesting lapwings, woodcock, turtle doves, yellow wagtails, tree sparrows or corn buntings: it would be ideal to know in which 1km square you recorded them, the date and any evidence that they actually bred. It would seem likely that several of these might disappear from the Ticknall area before the next atlas survey in 20 years time. In contrast, there are a number of birds in the Ticknall area now which were not present 20 years ago, notably buzzard, hobby, peregrine, raven, little egret, mandarin duck and Egyptian goose.

The new tree planting for the National Forest will benefit a number of species in the future, and has already shown benefits for the grasshopper warbler, whose continuous reeling song can be heard in the spring from areas of rough grassland planted with young trees. However, it is surprising that two other species typical of this habitat, the meadow and tree pipits, appear to have completely disappeared as local nesting birds in the last 20 years. This mirrors national declines which remain unexplained. If you see or hear either of these singing in the spring, they would be very noteworthy.

Richard Winspear

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 07943 399781

Mute swan      Common resident
Whooper swan     Rare winter visitor
Pink-footed goose     Rare winter visitor
Greylag goose     Common resident
Canada goose     Common resident
Barnacle goose     Rare feral visitor
Brent goose     Rare winter visitor
Bar-headed goose     Rare feral visitor
Egyptian goose     Rare resident
Shelduck     Rare resident
Mandarin Duck     Scarce resident
Wigeon     Common winter visitor
Gadwall     Common winter visitor
Teal     Common winter visitor
Mallard     Common resident
Pintail     Rare winter visitor
Shoveler     Scarce winter visitor
Red-crested pochard     Rare winter visitor
Pochard     Common winter visitor
Tufted duck     Common resident
Scaup     Rare winter visitor
Common scoter     Rare winter visitor
Goldeneye     Common winter visitor
Smew     Rare winter visitor
Goosander     Common winter visitor
Ruddy duck     Rare resident  
Red-legged partridge     Common resident
Grey partridge     Rare resident
Pheasant     Common resident
Little grebe     Common resident
Great crested grebe     Common resident
Red-necked grebe     Rare winter visitor
Cormorant     Common resident  
Little egret     Rare resident
Grey heron     Common resident
Hen harrier     Rare winter visitor
Sparrowhawk     Common resident
Buzzard     Common resident
Kestrel     Common resident
Red-footed falcon     Rare migrant
Hobby     Rare summer visitor
Merlin     Rare winter visitor
Peregrine     Rare resident
Water rail     Rare winter visitor
Moorhen     Common resident
Coot     common resident
Oystercatcher     Scarce resident
Little ringed plover     Scarce summer visitor
Golden plover     Scarce winter visitor
Lapwing     Common resident
Dunlin     Rare migrant
Snipe     Common winter visitor
Woodcock     Scarce resident
Curlew     Scarce migrant
Redshank     Rare resident
Green sandpiper     Common migrant
Common sandpiper     Common migrant
Mediterranean gull     Rare winter visitor
Black-headed gull     Common winter visitor
Common gull     Common winter visitor
Lesser black-backed gull     Common winter visitor
Herring gull     Common winter visitor
Yellow-legged gull     Rare winter visitor
Caspian gull     Rare winter visitor
Iceland gull     Rare winter visitor
Glaucous gull     Rare winter visitor
Great-black-backed gull     Common winter visitor
Feral Pigeon     Common resident
Stock dove     Common resident
Woodpigeon     Common resident
Collared dove     Common resident
Turtle dove     Scarce summer visitor
Cuckoo     Common summer visitor
Barn owl     Scarce resident
Little owl     Common resident
Tawny owl     Common resident
Swift     Common summer visitor
Kingfisher     Common resident
Green woodpecker     Common resident
Great-spotted woodpecker     Common resident
Lesser-spotted woodpecker     Rare resident
Skylark     Common resident
Meadow pipit     Common winter visitor
Sand martin     Common summer visitor
Swallow     Common summer visitor
House martin     Common summer visitor
Yellow wagtail     Common summer visitor
Grey wagtail     Common resident
Pied wagtail     Common resident
Wren     Common resident
Dunnock     Common resident
Robin     Common resident
Stonechat     Rare winter visitor
Whinchat     Rare migrant
Wheatear     Common migrant
Blackbird     Common resident
Fieldfare     Common winter visitor
Song thrush     Common resident
Redwing     Common winter visitor
Mistle thrush     Common resident
Grasshopper warbler     Common summer visitor
Sedge warbler     Common summer visitor
Reed warbler     Common summer visitor
Blackcap     Common summer visitor
Garden warbler     Common summer visitor
Lesser whitethroat     Common summer visitor
Whitethroat     Common summer visitor
Wood warbler     Rare migrant
Chiffchaff     Common summer visitor
Willow warbler     Common summer visitor
Goldcrest     Common resident
Spotted flycatcher     Scarce summer visitor
Pied flycatcher     Rare migrant
Long-tailed tit     Common resident
Marsh tit     Common resident
Willow tit     Scarce resident
Coal tit     Common resident
Blue tit     Common resident
Great tit     Common resident
Nuthatch     Common resident
Treecreeper     Common resident
Jay     Common resident
Magpie     Common resident
Jackdaw     Common resident
Rook     Common resident
Carrion crow     Common resident
Raven     Rare resident
Starling     Common resident
House sparrow     Common resident
Tree sparrow     Common resident
Chaffinch     Common resident
Brambling     Rare winter visitor
Greenfinch     Common resident
Goldfinch     Common resident
Siskin     Common winter visitor
Linnet     Common resident
Lesser redpoll     Common winter visitor
Mealy redpoll     Rare winter visitor
Common crossbill     Rare winter visitor
Bullfinch     Common resident
Yellowhammer     Common resident
Reed bunting     Common resident
Corn bunting     Rare resident

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